Posted on: 2017-05-13 10:51:40

RareCacti.de is my project. I am a passionate collector of rare cacti and cacti photographies. I learned many things about cacti last five years and met a few people who grow cacti. I tried to sow various cactus seeds but wasn't very much successful. Only a little number of little cacti survived. It's not easy to grow cacti in Germany because of the climate.
I have a nice collection of different trichocereus and lophophora species (from Botania.info) and one old leuchtenbergia. I planted various opuntia (prickly pear) species in south Bosnia and Herzegovina on my mother's and uncle's land. Opuntia grows well and brings many juicy fruits.
Every spring I visit cacti fair in Wiesbaden and take photographies. I also visited KakteenLand.de and Palmengarten Frankfurt several times. http://rarecacti.de/


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