I was born in Zenica, Bosnia, in August 1970. Since 1977 I lived in Croatia. I was studying in Dubrovnik (economy, tourism) and Sarajevo (law) at the beginning of 1990's, and finished a study of informatics (design) at Polytechnic in Zagreb, 1998 - 2001.

Since 2010 I live in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, where I married a Bosnian woman in 2012.

I've been working in different areas: as web developer and designer, aircraft ground handler, shipping / receiving clerk, and currently as a security agent.

My hobbies are: listening and playing music, reading and writing, taking photographies, painting, and collecting rare cacti.

I speak Bosnian (Croatian, Montenegrin, Serbian), English, German and some Italian.

In the years 2007 / 2008 I worked on creation and publishing of the bilingual monograph "Tales of Stone" ("Kamenim tragovima" or "Auf steinernen Spuren") with my wife and friends joined in the association Kulturfokus.