I was born in Zenica (Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Hercegovina, SFR Yugoslavia) in August 1970.

My family roots are from Bosnia & Hercegovina, and "old Hercegovina" parts of Montenegro (Sutorina, Bay of Kotor area). I belong to I2a (I-P37) Y-DNA haplogroup, as the majority of Balkan males.

Since 1977 I lived in Croatia with my parents (Gordana and Radivoje) and after destruction of Yugoslavia I had only Croatian citizenship.

I was studying in Dubrovnik (economy, tourism) and Sarajevo (law) at the beginning of 1990's (before war), and finished a study of informatics (design) at Polytechnic in Zagreb, 1998 - 2001.

I was born and raised as an atheist. Religion was not very important in my mother's and father's families (Catholic and Orthodox Christians), but because it was very important to other people around me, I was studiing it for many years.
I was baptized at Seventh Day Adventists' church (Januar 1992 in Sarajevo) but I never had collective religious identity like most other people. It was something individual. I only tried to understand what religion is. For me it is a primitive philosophy. I declare my self as gnostic (not agnostic) because I understood what religion is. My religion is like Manicheism (syncretism) and in my spiritual world view I combine teachings from all known religions, trying to find what is common and universal in them.

Since 2010 I live in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, where I married a Bosnian woman in 2012.

I've been working in different areas: as web developer and designer, aircraft ground handler, shipping / receiving clerk, and currently as a security agent.

My hobbies are: listening and playing music, reading and writing, taking photographies, painting, and collecting rare cacti.

I speak Bosnian (Croatian, Montenegrin, Serbian), English, German and some Italian.

In the years 2007 / 2008 I worked on creation and publishing of the bilingual monograph "Tales of Stone" ("Kamenim tragovima" or "Auf steinernen Spuren") with my wife and friends joined in the association Kulturfokus.

For the future I plan to publish several small books - one with my poetry, one with short stories, and one about cacti.

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