I was playing music since my early childhood. First I had a violin, which I got for free from our neighbours (D. Vuković) in Zenica, but after moving to Dalmatia (in 1977) at age of 7, I stop learning to play that instrument. Soon I got a small accordion from my parents and was playing it next 25 years. I wanted to play guitar but my father thought that I will become a hippy (and start using drugs) if I learn to play guitar. So I was playing accordion while high on marijuana. I got my first guitar a few years before the war in Bosnia and it wasn't a good one. Later I got a better guitar but I lost the will to learn to play it. I learned the chords, but wasn't practicing much. I also bought a very cheap electric bass guitar and was playing it with my friends in Dalmatia in the late 1990's, and ten years ago my uncle from Netherlands gave me his Fender bass as a present, so I was playing it in Frankfurt also. I still have it, together with an e-guitar but I rarely play. I have many tape recordings with my band "Melancholic babies" from the war years (beginning of 1990's) in Zenica, Bosnia (I was playing accordion mostly) and some solo recordings on guitar. I will put it in this page soon and I also intend to make some new recordings. I enjoy playing blues harp (mund harmonica) because it is an instrument easy to play. I have several. I wish I was practicing more, but it's never too late for blues and rock'n'roll. Weed also.